TChain® - Define the Future of Investment Banking

FinTech Innovation: Crypto Origination, Quantum Security, Trading Algorithms

1. secure crypto infrastructure with quantum TLS technology;
2. predict crypto trends and risks for secondary markets with PNN algos;
3. securitize non-tradable assets and tokenize illiquid securities for primary markets by
TChain + Libra Wallet + Libra ETH + AISC + TIX + Derivatives Crypto + Smart Contract + HPC Cloud

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance-Computing (AIHPC®) cloud from the official Amazon marketplace

TChain Lab originates blockchain innovations and shall not commerce business without regulation certifications.

LIBRA Trading Lab at DEX and Contract Address Status at 0x3a73f2803e3a6de4f84e09b7740926a10c65e1c6

LIBRA crypto is backed by two assets: 1) Libra Wallet TChain; and 2) Libra AISC

Libra AISC secures Libra Wallet TChain by AI Cyber containers

About TChain®

For Institutions

  • Mission
    1) Solve the liquidity premium and affordability problems for asset-backed contracts (e.g., ABS, MBS, swap derivatives) among institutions; Liquidity Premiums of Derivatives Triggered the 2008 Financial Crisis and are still Capital Risks for Institutions.
    2) Extend primary markets by token origination on TChain or Ethereum blockchains: originate TChain security-tokens smart-contract standards (on ERC-20 and ERC-14$$) as asset securitization and tokenization protocols for equities, debts and derivatives contracts (e.g., mortgage-backed securities MBS, options, forwards, futures, swaps);
    3) Improve the liquidity of secondary markets by the TIX exchange: enable institutions to trade asset-backed contracts (e.g., CDS, MBS, Swaps);
    4) Help institutions (qualified accredited investors) with easier access to illiquid assets and pre-IPOs in capital markets and improve the liquidity of assets (e.g., commercial properties) by disrupting private placement markets with FinTech innovation of digital tokens
    5) Support U.S. regulators on cryptosecurity research and education - crypto origination and exchange and detection of target transactions.
  • Differentiation
    1) Focusing on trading institutions contracts, the TIX exchange is an on-chain exchange designed as the "Binance for Institutions";
    2) TChain smart contracts are originated by comprehensive security token standards and unique security analytics TSA, and can run on both TChain and Ethereum blockchains; First blockchain to create asset-backed tokens for private shares of high-end projects as the ecosystem to grow and succeed collectively;
    3) TChain CBP = API + Commands + TChain > IBM API (BWW) + Stellar;
    4) secure hardware wallets; first AI quant. investing strategy builder for secondary markets;
    5) faster smart-contract ecosystem powered by faster and safer QETH mainnet on the AIHPC cloud platform; USPTO pending patent #14/658,156.
  • Clients
    1) Institutions contracts; Real estate; Non-tradable or illiquid assets;
    2) Commercial banks, investment banks, private equity and venture capital firms;
    3) U.S. regulators
    4) Global banks needing fast cross-border payment; companies, funds, or other assets;
    5) Central banks of governments or other financial institutions;
    6) Accredited investors; Pre-IPO companies and private share owners; Merger and acquisition firms; Insurance companies.

Meet our team

TChain Products

TChain: blockchain runs on AIHPC cloud for smart contracts

1) TChain: Faster blockchain cloud platform to run solidity code for smart contracts (e.g., LCAIToken, AIHPCToken, DBOToken); 2) AIHPC: launch the AIHPC® cloud from the official Amazon marketplace; Read the Free book

TIX: TChain Institutions Exchange

Compliant with SEC/CFTC regulations, TIX shall enable exchanges of ABS tokens to build up asset liquidilty

PNN Licensing: first AI strategy builder for investment success in secondary crypto markets

PNN is the first Trendspotting AI machine powered by AIHPC cloud to help asset managers optimize portfolios for more returns. Deep machine learning | Automated model building and selection | Realtime back-test evaluation | Cross validation with opposite portfolios

Book: strong investment research over twenty years

Read High-frequency Trading Models by world-renowed publisher Wiley that summarizes the FinTech graduate teaching of a top university (JHU).

Some of our Partners

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TChain Asset Tokenization (TAT)

Tokenize company (stock/bond/option/futures), fund or any other asset for more liquidity and sales, or easier fund raising

Modeling after KodakCoin that tripled Kodak's share price with a new revenue model enabled by the digital currency, your company may add value with TChain tokenization that improves the liquidity of your shares.

TChain tokenization shall deliver millions of new tokens for your brand, 10 hardware QWallets, 100 QETH, QWallet training, peer-to-peer decentralized token exchanges, and connections to digital exchanges.

How to request the tokenization? Email and fill out the short form to start the TChain tokenization process.

Lab 0: TChain for MAY - Utility Token
1) MAY - Maytown
2) Utility tokens for within-town payment enabled by TChain tokenization
3) Contract address for MAY (TokenBase): 0xbaa00958e2ecedb535e6b07999132bb3fb2ebb38

Lab 1: TChain TCH - Security Token
1) TCH - Mainnet and high-end ecosystem with $150 million valuation
2) Private placement markets for institutions enabled by TChain TCH tokens
3) Contract address for TCH (TokenBase): 0xbe4c834c4d952bf7f34abf4080c92378fbc6088d

Lab 2: TChain for DMA - Security/Utility Token
1) DMA - Digital Medical Asset by a Johns Hopkins PhD
2) Private placement markets for institutions enabled by TChain DMA tokens
3) Contract address for DMA (TokenBase): 0x06d10d1ee55158c4c500259f38f0e3de11551fe4

Lab 3: TChain for Medicine - LCAIToken Enables Users as Investors - Utility Token

TChain Hardware Wallet to send and receive LCAIToken and Q/ETHCoin
1) LCAIToken - Lung Cancer AI Precision Medicine from a top U.S. medical school
2) Global reward system: created by TChain LCAIToken to engage medicine participants
3) Contract address for LCAIToken (TokenBase): 0x6e2ae49e3b1b737da433b191eece91c17fe4b624
4) Unique patient ID: SHA-256 hash value from TChain for healthcare privacy and EHR interoperability

Lab 4: TChain for Medicine - DBOToken for Doctor Robot - Security Token

TChain Hardware Wallet to send and receive DBOToken and Q/ETHCoin
1) DBOToken - Doctor Robot for Weight Loss Chatbot Demo at upper right corner
2) AI brain and global reward system on TChain DBOToken to service medicine participants
3) Contract address for DBOToken (TokenBase): 0xc2cdde46c95dee92e9b8aaeb09bf1cfebf1cf74a

Lab 5: TChain for Mobile BlockChain - Utility Token
1) MBC Token - Mobile BlockChain
2) MBC chip is created by a Princeton PhD
3) Contract address for MBC (TokenBase): 0x15d62356d2fa4adff89f4fcee554411f28c7ee0c

Lab 6: TChain Tokens for Values that Need More Liquidity (e.g., Insurance, Real Estate and Diamond)

Physical Appearance of TChain Hardware Wallet for Trapped Values
1) Design new insurance products in digital currency - TChain tokenization
2) Load TChain insurance tokens in TChain hardware wallets that are tradable and investable
3) Sell TChain hardware wallets with the TChain ERC20 tokens loaded as the new insurance products

Lab 7: Mainnet Three Kingdoms - Ethereum, EOS, TChain

1) EOS + HPC + TChain > Ethereum - EOS does not have base coin while TChain has QETH
2) Ethereum + HPC/Plasma + TChain > EOS - Ethereum does not have scalability while TChain has HPC
3) EOS Dawn 3.0 has been launched on AIHPC super-computing cloud - EOS + TChain Super BP is alive
4) Ethereum ERC20 Tokens + EOS Dawn 3.0 Super Block Provider + TChain ERC20 Tokens -> Cross-chain Tokens
a) Ethereum + TChain cross-chain tokens in the TChain hardware wallets - ready to go; b) EOS + TChain cross-chain tokens?
c) load/stress testing HPC EOS/TChain node cluster

Lab 8: STS-T as Derivatives/MBS Smart-Contract Protocols

Lab 9: TIX - TChain Token Institutions Exchange: "Binance for Institutions"
9.1 - TIX Exchange (Demo) Institution Login

9.2 - TIX Deposit from On-chain Accounts of TChain (Independent Blockchain) or Ethereum

9.3 - Multilingual TIX (Independent Exchange Frontend)

9.4 - Off-chain Orders and Order Book (Independent Exchange Backend Containers)

9.5 - Compare and Differentiate TIX from Binance

9.6 - Pending Regulation/Tax Review for Trading Institutions/Executive Contracts (MIT 2016 Nobel)

Lab 10 Patent - Secure Libra Blockchain as High Value Asset by AI Neural Nets and NLP Algorithms

LCL contract address: 0x60977e90803a0623ad1f9350db45c7ddf96e2dde
TCHW (hardware wallet) contract address: 0x1f400cc9a0f5307056568f38ad93d47992b143cf
TCHE (EOS supernode HPC cloud cluster) contract address: 0x037b036eea2ec0bf86b0e073433d630ad3d15447
ECNU contract address: 0x167c6ea29e2291c1bdaa504584105062c35b28af
PNN contract address: 0x7f169afbf81e2465322963996b949d591900e16a
TChain Cross-border Payment - USD contract address: 0xaf6aa53ecf782bc2b53dd1724b1af62468ec91ae
TChain Cross-border Payment - RMB contract address: 0x29a801ca7aa397dc00d450167e8e4c0630267794
On ethereum blockchain, USDE contract address: 0x4e20a219e49c215727d42722fd864b7d9033c114
On ethereum blockchain, RMBE contract address: 0x087a450b1c72d693fe81438efe2a06aa049ea7f1
On ethereum blockchain, TIXE contract address: 0x75f29b4ef25c9417f98717f0af70648bdbd57f2e
On ethereum blockchain, LIBRA contract address: 0x3a73f2803e3a6de4f84e09b7740926a10c65e1c6